Main window

The main window with some different settings. You can change the appearance in many different ways. The UI is very customizable.

No toolbar with some hidden panels to the left using a theme.

Four open document views.

Three document views and browser preview.

Browser preview moved to the right.

No theme and some documents and panels open.

Glossy theme with code explorer panel and color highlighting in CSS source code. The document map is visible to the right.

HTML/PHP/Markdown preview panel and tabs.

Built in compare feature.

Find all result + code explorer panels.

Text clips and symbols panels.

The home tab view.

Options and addons

Both are available from the environment menu.

Many options can be set per highlighter (file type), but you can always set a default option.

Handle themes, dictionaries, highlighters and program languages.


The editor has a huge arsenal to choose from. You can use incremental search, find/replace, find all/replace all with options to highlight all finds or list them in the bottom bar. You can also display a preview window before a replace all action.

Incremental search (Ctrl+E).

List all found items on Find All.